About us

In love with

a corner of paradise on the lake

There, on the eastern shore of the lake, on that promontory with a wonderful panoramic view of the lake, where today stands the Albergo Milano in Varenna, at the beginning of the twentieth century there was the Osteria del Garibaldi, a place of rest and refreshment for travelers and traders.

Acquired by Mrs. Amelia Bernardoni, the Osteria became a small pension, managed together with her husband. An oasis of peace and tranquility located just above the small port on the lake.

However, the 2000s brought a new air of novelty. In 2002, in fact, Mrs. Bernardoni, now elderly, sells her small B & B to a couple in love with the lake and, in particular, the absolutely perfect location of that building.

Their goal? To make the rest of the world fall in love with that little corner of paradise.


Bettina and Egidio:

a terrace to look to the future

“I like things done from the heart. And I think that here, in the hotel, I really put my heart into it, and you can see the result. I’m proud and happy.”

She is Bettina Schmidt, Swiss by birth, but a citizen of the world by vocation. She has seen some lovely places in her life, working in hospitality for some of the world’s best hotels. It’s no coincidence that she decided to stop right here, in Varenna, on Lake Como.

“Our hotel has always been an ode to glory. Our project was to make that small Bed & Breakfast a small boutique hotel.”

He is Egidio Mallone, very Italian, indeed born right on Lake Como, in Gravedona. With Bettina, he shares a past of travel in places near and far. His career began in the 5-star Grand Hotels on Lake Como and among the starred restaurants of Paris and London. His great passions, food and wine, however, find only in the restaurant “La Vista” the ideal platform in which to have fun and experiment, putting to use his great experience as maître d’ and sommelier.

A working couple who complete each other to perfection and who lacked only a place to put down roots. A large terrace, overlooking the exceptional horizon of the lake, would become that place, and would open their eyes to a different future.

And so Albergo Milano was born.

A philosophy

that embraces the whole world

A hotel designed for those seeking a romantic, tranquil and exclusive refuge, far from the routine of home, but, at the same time, where they can rediscover the intimacy that only home can provide. All this surrounded by a landscape in which to live in harmony and with guests always welcoming and helpful.

To welcome and serve a varied clientele from every corner of the world, there is an international staff of 12. Albergo Milano is a true crossroads of cultures, skills and experiences, making personal contact and excellent service a point of honor.

Albergo Milano has grown, over the years, according to the philosophy of the albergo diffuso, adding, to the main structure, apartments and houses scattered throughout the territory of Varenna. It attracts tourists from Italy and all over the world, who book the best rooms months in advance, as well as visitors passing through who do not miss the opportunity to dine, in the light of breathtaking sunsets, on the exclusive terrace overlooking the lake at the restaurant “La Vista”, a pearl of taste on the Lario.